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Best Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

Carpets add a touch of elegance and warmth to any space in which they are used. But, just like any other flooring, they also need regular care and maintenance. This makes all the difference in how they look even after years of use. 

As one of the top Calgary carpet specialists, we have helped homeowners keep their carpeted floors looking new for years. Caring for your carpets doesn’t have to be overly strenuous, time-consuming, or expensive. Here are some simple tips for regular carpet care and maintenance.

Clean Water Spills Immediately

As much as you try, spills do happen! Especially when it’s an active home with pets and kids. But it is pretty easy to keep the spills from causing stains on your carpets. All you need to do is to get at them immediately. The longer you wait, the more stubborn will the stain become. 

Never rub on the stain. If the spill has semi-solid or solid material like rice or curry, use a spoon or a blunt knife to scrape off the material. Start working from the outer edges and move towards the center. Then add water to a sponge to blot the stain. Clean the remnants with a fabric detergent or undiluted white vinegar. If it’s a liquid stain, blot it for a minute or two with absorbent paper. 

Fix the Snags

If you have a shag-style carpet, know that it is more prone to developing fuzzy snags. Though all shaggy carpets develop snags eventually, it happens faster when you have kids and pets making the carpet look worn out. 

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We advise all carpet owners to never pull on a snag. This will only damage the carpet. Simply clip them with a scissor. Just make sure to not cut the surrounding areas. 

Make Vacuuming a Routine

Carpets and area rugs usually have food debris, soil, dirt, pet dandruff & hair, and other microscopic organisms hidden between their fibers. When these accumulate over time, they not just damage your carpets but are also harmful to your health. 

This is where regular vacuuming comes in. The first step is to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. The frequency of vacuuming depends on how much foot traffic your area rug receives. For high footfall areas, vacuuming must be done daily or at least twice a week. For low footfall spots, once or twice a week should suffice.  

Pay Attention to Carpet Odours

Even the most expensive carpet can emit foul odors. These odors don’t occur from the carpet per se, but from the debris inside the carpet. Think of all the spills, pet accidents, dampness from moisture, and even mold. All these not just lead to discoloration of the carpets, but also allergies in people using the space. 

For all carpet owners, we recommend an easy way to eliminate odors. Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and generously spray it onto the carpet. The vinegar will absorb all the odors that you are trying to neutralize. Repeat if necessary.

Save Your Carpet from Furniture Dents

Besides cleaning, it is also essential to save your carpet’s shape. Known as divots, they occur when heavy furniture decompresses your carpet’s fibers for an extended time. They are usually invisible unless you decide to rearrange your furniture. 

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You can easily decompress your carpet dents using ice. Put ice cubes over the dented area and let it melt for a few hours. The water soaking into the carpet brings it back to its original height. Don’t forget to blot the excess water. Then, use a spoon or coin to lift the compressed carpet fibers.

Consider Professional Deep Cleaning

No matter how much you clean and vacuum your carpet, it will need some special attention from time to time. The attention that only specialized carpet stores in Calgary like Home Flooring Store can effectively give. 

This is the best and only way to avoid deep-seated dust mites, allergens, and bacteria from getting into your home’s air. It also keeps your carpets clean, hygienic, and beautiful.

Caring for your carpets not just keeps them beautiful and increases their lifespan, but also improves the health of people using them. Getting professional help will help you do all of this. Home Floors has been serving the Calgary area for two decades and helping people maintain beautiful homes. Call us at (403) 984 4100 to schedule an appointment with our specialists. You can visit us at 423 58th Avenue SE, Calgary AB, Canada T2H 0P5.



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