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How to Avoid Getting Hacked on Social Media

In this age, there will be very few people who do not have an account on social media. Every day, people click on many communications, including, retweets, tweets, likes, posts, shares, chatting, which are very important. Before that, it was important to know a few things.

“Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anyone else, there are some rules to follow,” says Zaidi Najjar, an expert on social media etiquette, citing
So there are no problems.

Social Media Users

The important thing to remember is that just as you are using social media so are billions of people around the world using it, including those who come to the net with bad intentions. may have specific goals, the most dangerous of which is to spread hatred. So you need to make sure that the person who is on your friend list or not is necessarily the one who is telling their profile. the whole account can be fake so be careful.

Personal Information

keep in your mind social media is not real life there can be a lot that is not what it seems. Filming most of life’s issues and then posting them on social media cannot be justified. Not all the people on social media are your best friends with whom you can share your personal affairs, some people can take advantage of them.

Fake Accounts

There are many fake accounts on social media, if inappropriate data is being shared from an account then there is an option to claim it on the same platform, report your account’s name or domain goes where it can be used later.

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Hackers Can Attack How to Stay Safe

Click but carefully.
Nowadays, if someone has something to say, the link is copied and sent, which when clicked, you go to this, post, websites, etc, and since some sites have, etc., and since some sites have a record of cookies. Your account name and domain go where they can be used later.

Similarly, some links contain viruses, which, when you click on them, get into your laptop, computer, phone, and can damage the files & documents.  Even hackers take advantage of clicks.

Account Setting

Most people create an account on social media but do not go to the setting, it is very important to set them in terms, of work, and their personality. This includes the option of, who can comment, to whom the post will go, who can access your profile If you haven’t done this already, go to Settings today.

Don’t Share too Much

There is no need to share and post photos the whole time a day, just a few posts a day is enough if it is interesting and informative. If you continue to share things without any special occasion without purpose, your followers may get bored and may even not follow them.

Avoid Overstated

Most of the posts are exaggerated which may make people think that you are doing this for a special purpose, it may change their opinion about you.

The Humorous Aspect

Be it a post or a discussion on a post, take a light style that has a humorous aspect, people enjoy it. Because there should be serious comments on serious posts like illness or death.

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Take care of the Feelings of Others

If there is any problem, grammar, or any other mistake in someone’s post, it would be better to mention it in a private message instead of making it feel less practical by mentioning it in general comments, so that he feels that you are not joking about it his lack of knowledge. Keep blowing.

Pictures of Others

Never post pictures of people without their permission. If a friend has a birthday or is coming and you want to tame it, you can put a picture of cake or something else, if you think that friend’s picture should be included then before that Ask them.

Don’t Ask for Likes

Of course, you should post on social media, but you should not ask them to share or like, but leave the matter to your online friends and relatives to like if they like.


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