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How To Book Unaccompanied Minors On Spirit Airlines

If you are looking for the best policy for children, spirit airlines are one of the top airlines that have made it easy for passengers. Here, we are discussing how Spirit Airlines offers a great marginal policy for every customer.

So, get Spirit Airlines booking to know the details and use the policy better.

What Is The Non-Soul Mate Marginal Policy?

Traveling with small children of any age can benefit you if you are choosing Spirit Airlines. There are many people who travel alone looking for an assistant for their children. Spirit Airlines has policies in place for children between the ages of five and fourteen traveling unaccompanied by a passenger under the age of 15. This includes traveling to an older age because an unaccompanied minor (UMC) child may seem younger.

What Are Spirit Airlines’ Non-Accompaniment Marginal Fees?

According to Spirit Airlines, Spirit Airlines has a nominal service tax of $150 each way. You have to pay $150 which is not that cheap. There is a small payment that you need to pay according to your distance.

What Are The Rules Of Non-Soul Mates?

Learn the age requirements from Spirit Airlines here!

For Children 4 Years And Younger

Use the Spirit Airlines policy if your children are 4 years old and under and cannot travel alone. Any guest who is at least 15 years of age must be accompanied. This is set by airlines to prevent children aged four and under from traveling unaccompanied and for good reason. Children at this age are a little too young to be going through the airport on their own.

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Use Airlines Ticket Booking to take advantage of this policy for your children!

5-14 Years

According to Airlines, children ages 5-14 must travel as unaccompanied minors, when not accompanied by an adult at least 15 years of age. This is the standard age or specific age that an unaccompanied minor needs to be for Airlines to be a living person.

For 15 Years And Above

Children 15 years of age and older do not require unaccompanied minor services. However, they may be asked to present a photo ID or birth certificate issued by Airlines to verify their age. This is an important rule to note.

Use the Airlines Minors Policy if you have a child 15 years of age or younger who can travel along. If your child appears to be younger than this, they will need to provide a photo ID or birth certificate to verify their age.

Acceptable Paths

Airline rules state that minors are accepted only on direct flights that do not require a change of aircraft or flight number. So guys, make sure your flight is not a connecting flight.

Also, this policy does not apply to international flights.


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