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Importance And Scope Of Biometric System

We all know that inventions are increasing day by day in the world, technology is advancing day by day and now in the times to come we will see the full use of a new invention in our daily life which The name is Biometric.
We all know that before the year 2000, in paperwork or anywhere else in the world, whenever we needed authority to identify ourselves or to get permission for any work, we could do this by putting ink on our thumbs or signing this thing. Was approved But after 2000, this method was changed. After 2000, the system of printing by putting ink on the thumb was completely abolished. Technology has introduced a new system (Biometric system) in which our fingerprints are scanned through a biometric scener.


The biometric system is now being used mostly in government institutions. The biggest example is our Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) whose data is with Nadira’s organization and with the help of which we can identify our anywhere in the world. this can be done through the biometric system.


The biometric system is also being used for attendance in many Schools Colleges, Offices, and institutions.

biometric attendance machine

A Biometric system is also used to lock our mobile phones, computers, and many other devices which keeps our data secure.


It has many more benefits.

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