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Watch Movies On Sony VR & Two Ways To Use PlayStation VR

You can use your PlayStation VR headset more than just playing 3D games. Here’s how to put one together for use with your big screen.

How can I watch movies on my VR headsets?

As the PlayStation VR headset shows that whatever your PS4 or PS5 does, including movies, you only need to use the unit to play the movies. However, you can customize some settings. Most important is the size of the screen you see. Here’s how to do it.

  1. On your PS4 home screen, select Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Devices
  3. Choose PlayStation VR
  4. Choose screen size
  5. Select the screen size you want: small, medium, or large. The middle-order is suitable for most options, but choose a larger one than the larger screen that makes you feel like you are in the front row of the theater
  6. Start the movie with the video application or with the built-in PS4 Blu-ray player, and it will appear on your PS VR headset. To reset the screen view while the movie is playing, see where you want to stop and press the Options button on your controller

Can I watch 4K movies on PS VR?

While the PlayStation 4 Pro model can handle 4K videos and games, you will have a limit if you watch something with PS VR. The screen you are looking at has a resolution of 1080, so this is the highest you can get.

Can you watch Netflix on PlayStation VR?

You can use PlayStation VR to watch anything that works on your PlayStation 4, including live-streaming apps. The PS4 TV and video app include many popular platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video. You can log in and view all their libraries with your headset.

How can I watch YouTube on PlayStation VR?

To watch YouTube 360 ​​° degrees in PlayStation VR, open YouTube on your PS4 and select View in PlayStation VR. In the menu bar, select 360 videos, then select the video you want to watch. you will be able to see videos all around you. When the video is play

How big is the PlayStation VR?

Buy Sony PlayStation VR with Sony games for 350, or search anywhere on Amazon for between $ 200 and $ 400, usually full of extra games. Note that the next-generation PlayStation VR headset is active and expected by 2022.

How do I configure PlayStation VR?

Make sure your PlayStation 4 or 5 is set and shut down your system. Connect the processing unit to your TV via HDMI cable, then connect the PlayStation Camera to your PS4 (on PS5, you will need a camera adapter). Connect the HDMI cable behind your processing unit and console, then connect the embedded USB cable to the processing unit and console. connect to the adaptor cable with a power code & connect it to the power supply. Connect your VR connection cable to the unit and headset, then enable your console and follow the instructions.

Two ways to use PlayStation VR that have nothing to do with games:

Games are just one way to enjoy something that is not real. Sony is showing some ways to use its PlayStation VR system.

Sony PlayStation VR headset is so close that we can taste it. At an event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Sony unveiled the final user version of the VR headset. The design is what we’ve seen before and we already know the technology inside, but Sony has revealed some unprecedented features that have nothing to do with gaming.

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Cinema mode

With Playstation VR, you will be able to watch standard movies on DVD or Blu-ray. It’s like watching a theater movie with a widescreen of 16: 9. A light black background surrounds a digital display, which enhances the movie theater effect.

It’s nice to have this option, but to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever watch a movie on PlayStation VR. It’s almost like I’m in a movie theater and sitting very close to the TV and it’s a little annoying. Additionally, I doubt I would like to have a VR headset on my head for two hours at a time because it is not so comfortable.

View your 360 videos/photos:

With the launch of the PlayStation VR, Sony will also be updating the Media Player app on the PlayStation 4 to play 360 videos and display 360 images. You may not shoot 360 degrees yet, but you may be faster. Cameras like the LG 360 Cam and the Ricoh Theta S make it easy to capture 360-degree content – though not really expensive. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to test it in a live demo.

We do not yet know if you will be able to watch 360-degree videos on YouTube or other online forums via PSVR, but it is possible.

More to come:

The Playstation VR will be available in October 2016 for $ 399 (£ 349 or $ 550) and while we have the opportunity to play it, there is much more to explore and discover. To learn more about headsets, check out CNET’s hands-on PlayStation VR.

You can clear caches and cookies on your Android phone to improve privacy:

Clearing your phone’s web browser can keep annoying trackers away. Here’s how to do it on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Samsung Internet.

It is a good practice to clear your phone cache and cookies from time to time, regardless of the use of any Android smartphone. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy S22, a Google Pixel 6, or any other phone, your browser collects and stores data whenever you go to the web. This data generates your cookies and cache, and helps your phone access your accounts faster and load more frequently visited sites.

But this data eventually builds up, takes up space on your phone, and may include cookies that track your browsing history for the purpose of providing personalized advertising. (After visiting several online stores to compare prices and styles, I see screen ads, and TV shows related to my YouTube search.)

There is no harm in deleting this data periodically to keep your web browser running smoothly, efficiently, and efficiently, to keep as many tracking cookies as possible.

For Android, the steps vary slightly depending on the type of phone and web browser application you use, so below we will look at how to delete this data in Google Chrome (usually Android Default for most phones like Google Pixel Line), Internet Browser Samsung (usually automated for the Galaxy Phone series) and the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can also check out our unique guide on how to clear your cache in the iPhone web browser if you have Apple cleaning devices.

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Google Chrome

You can delete your cookies and cache within the Android version of Google Chrome, first by tapping the More button in the top right corner of the browser, which is displayed in a three-dotted column, and then by tapping History. Then clear your browsing data. You can also access it from the Chrome Settings menu, tap Privacy and Security, and clear your browsing data.

Chrome also provides basic and advanced settings to clear your browsing history, cookies and site data, and photos and files cached. You can choose to use the time range if you want to clear the entire date or select any location from the last 24 hours to the last four weeks. Advanced Tapping will also give you access to deleted passwords, auto-fill form data, and site settings. After selecting the one you want to delete, press the blue button to clear the data, and it will be deleted again without a hint, so just make sure you zip it up exactly. These are the ones you want to close.

Samsung Internet:

There are two different ways to clear your Samsung Internet browser cache and cookie data. You can delete it inside the browser, or you can bypass your phone settings app.

To delete it while in the Samsung Internet Browser application, first press the Options button in the lower right corner, represented by three horizontal lines, then Settings, scroll down and press Personal data, and then Delete. Tap Delete Browser Data for menu options. . You can clear your browsing history, cookies, and site data, cached files and files, passwords, and automatically fill out forms in any combination. After tapping Delete Data, you will receive information that asks you to confirm your choice before deleting.

Passing through the browser application automatically gives you the customization you want to delete. However, if you want to access similar options in your phone’s settings menu, open the Settings app and click on Apps, then scroll down and press Samsung Internet and then Storage.

Under storage, you have different options for deleting cache and deleting data. Typing in the cache will clear the cache immediately, but Clear Data brings a notification that all app data will be permanently deleted, including files, settings, accounts, and data. Twenty Although not specify cookies, this “atomic” method will block all remaining data, allowing you to restart the Samsung Internet browser as if it were brand new.

Mozilla Firefox:

Like Google Chrome, you can clear cookies and caches within the Mozilla Firefox Android app. To access this function, press the More button to the right of the address bar, and mark it with vertical dots. Then tap Settings and scroll down to clear browsing data.

Of the three browsers we talk about here, Firefox offers you several options under the Browser Data Browser menu, which lets you open any open tabs, your browsing history, and the site with any cookies. Allows you to delete data, site permissions, and your download folder. Also, photos and files are cached.

While you may not be able to select a Chrome time limit as often as you can, you can specify more about what type of data you want to delete.


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