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Fairy of the well – Story

Zakir and Baqir were two brothers. Shakir was an old servant of his father. He was very cheerful and talkative. Instead of naming him, he used to call him by the name of Dada Jan. Shakir was a hardworking and loyal employee. Of all the stories that were told, fairy tales and fairy tales were the most popular because they had never seen or heard of fairy tales. How powerful the giants will be.

The earth was rotating and time was passing so fast that one day at noon when the sun king was throwing scorching elongated rays from his footsteps there was a world of wind in the streets like dust storms in the open fields. The city’s splendor had waned. It seemed as if the number of human beings had been reduced to a nominal place. Due to the extreme heat, people were hiding in their homes and some were sleeping.

Employee Shakir was surrounded by two boys. He was in a well-ventilated room at the time. The old employee was being asked various questions about demons and fairies. They usually live in their own world with humans in human trouble Was wandering in their city.
At night, all the sweets of the confectionery were bought by the giants. Sometimes Baqir and Zakir were known to be such buyers. One day, Baqir said, The other brother said, “Why, Grandpa, is there any way for us to see a fairy?” The fairy has been expelled from Parastan for murder. She lives in a dark forest well near this place. I have seen her myself. She is very beautiful. You can see her if you try. The two brothers were overjoyed at the employee’s response, so they persuaded him to walk in the woods.

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The old servant said, “If you make someone your friend for this job, it will be very easy.” Baqir said, “You will do it yourself.” Yes, because you told me that they are very angry. The employee said: They are also kind-hearted. They made their friend easily. On Sunday, the four of them went to the forest where the well was. Shakir said that the fairy lives in this well. He said, “We have to work with the brother who brought the man who thought he was not ready to go down into the well.” Looking at the sky in the afternoon, Shakir said, “Lupri is coming. Now she will descend into the well. A little while later, a beautiful fairy came down from the sky. She was beautiful. She stayed in the temple for a while. Then she jumped into the well. The two boys were surprised to see the fairy. He went and stood at the temple and peeked.
who is?

A voice echoed from inside the well. Baqir’s foot slipped from the terror of this sound and he fell into the well. When Zakir heard the sound of crying, he also started crying for his brother. Then the man with the help of whom he brought dry trunks of two trees from the same forest said to his companion: “Put one of the trunks into the well, the other he puts it.” The other end of the tree was tied to a tree and the trunk of both the trees was thrown into the well After that Shakir jumped into the well. The fairy considered the two trios of trees to be the legs of some great creature and when she heard the horrible sound she became frightened. The big creature that entered it would kill him so he picked up the boy in his lap and filled it with water and started rising. Shakir saw him. He reassured himself that he was supposed to be his companion. He pulled him over. Shortly after, the fairy came out with Baqir. Shakir rolled his eyes and said Kurds.

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Now the fairy began to join hands. She gave a lot of jewels to the two boys on her behalf and apologized. Both the boys were very beautiful. Now she told Shakir to return. The evening was near. Roz Pari decided that he should immediately change his abode so that he could hide himself and his abode from the human race. After moving, she was not seen by anyone. Now there was no one richer in the whole city than Baqir Zakir and Shakir.

The reason for this was that the jewels of this fairy had freed them from the slightest bit of wealth and worry.


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