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5 Things You Should Know About Wall Tapestries

What is a wall tapestry and a Mandala Tapestry?

A tapestry is a cloth that adds beauty to your home and brings more warmth and happiness to your family. It always has some fascinating expressions to display and will make you stare at it for hours! If you are lucky enough to find a beautiful tapestry then it can be made just for you, but you need the patience to find one! And Mandala Tapestry is one such tapestry that will add an ethnic look to your room and amplify the ambiance. 

What is the Best Place to Hang a Tapestry in Your Home?

Now that you know what a tapestry is, the question arises as to where one needs to hang that tapestry to enhance its beauty. Well, there are many such places to hang a tapestry that enhances the whole area. You can hang the tapestry behind the bed so that you can have a very good warmth before you sleep. And you can hang the tapestry even in the middle of the large room, as it also acts as a partition of the room. Similarly, you can hang it in the living area so that it not only amplifies the beauty of the room but also increases the curiosity of the guests to know about that tapestry. So select that perfect place to hang your favorite tapestry. 

How Can You Hang Your Tapestry? 

The most important and pertinent question is how one should hang the tapestry. So the method of hanging a tapestry depends on the type of house you are living in. If you are living in a rental or dorm, you may not be allowed to do or damage the wall. And if you are living in your home you can plan the tapestry with your tastes. Now, case one is, how to hang a tapestry, if you are living in rentals. There are two methods to hang the tapestry for a rental house. The first method is – you can use velcro-like texture strips to stick the tapestry on the wall on both sides. The other method is with the help of hooks. For this, you need double tape, a hook, and a tapestry. First, paste the hook to one side of the tape. And than stick that tape against the wall. Do the same to the other side of the wall as well after you have taken the measurements. Then if you have the built-in loops to the tapestry, you can directly hang a tapestry into the hooks. If you do not have the built-in loops to the tapestry, then you can use the first method.

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Now, if you are staying in your own home, you need some nails, a hammer, and a tapestry. First, insert the nails into the wall with the help of a hammer on both sides. Then using the built-in loops, you can directly hang a tapestry into the nails. This will give a very good look to your room and enhance the quality of work in your home.

How to Care for The Tapestry? 

It is very easy and simple to handle a tapestry as you do not need to remove it frequently. You can try washing once a year or you can also use a little vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on it. The maintenance of a tapestry is very convenient because you can remove it easily whenever you want. 

Can You Make Your Tapestry? 

The tapestry can be made even by yourself, but you only need skill and time. The most common type of making a tapestry is tie-dye tapestry. For this, you need a white sheet, sinew, and some colors for dying. First, fold the white sheet into four quarters and find the center of it. Then using that center, you must make the airplane shape of that sheet. Then with the help of a pointed edge twist the sheet into a circular pattern. Then tie the sinew to that circular bundle. With the help of the dyes, color the sheet completely with different colors. Then let it dry for at least a day, and you can open the sheet the day after it has completely dried. This will give you the desired result of your tapestry. 

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What are the Other Uses of a Tapestry? 

Tapestry is one such rarest thing that you can use for multiple purposes. Apart from hanging it as a decorative item, you can use it as a nice bedspread. This will be more convenient because of its texture and color. Besides this, you can use it as a pillow cover, cushion cover, spreadsheet during beach vacations, as a yoga mat, and many more.


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