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The Offbeat Destination Kalsubai Trek


Maharashtra is home to numerous stunning valleys and hills that form the Sahyadri range, or Western ghats with a wide variety of fauna and flora.

These hills and valleys provide a vast range of treks of short durations and various difficulty levels. These treks make for a great trip of a single or two days for those who want to get away with exhaustion and breathtaking views.

One of the most beautiful treks includes The Kalsubai trekking. The offbeat location has one of the most stunning sunrise views in the entire country and is accompanied by the enduring beautiful greenness everywhere. For more information about the trek, check out the following article that has all the important details about the hike.

Location: Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra

Mountains: Sahyadri hills (western ghats)

Elevation: 1,646 m

Starting point: Bari village

Duration of the trek: 2 days and 1 night

Time for the trek: approximately 4 (one way) 4 hours ( the one-way route)

Trek trail: 6.6 kilometers

Level of difficulty moderately difficult

Major tourist attractions

  • The trek will take you to the highest peak of Maharashtra at an altitude of 5400ft.
  • Take a look at the rising top view of other peaks, such as Ratangad, Kulang, Harishchandragad, and many more.
  • Take in 6.6 km of walking trails with stunning waterfalls and stunning natural beauty
  • The Kalsubai temple is famous for the view of sunrise from the summit.

How Can I Get In Touch?

It is possible to travel to the point of departure, Bari village, by both railway and road. The base location has an established connection through public transportation.

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Igatpuri train station happens to be the closest railway station that is 32 kilometers away from the base point. It is possible to take bus services to reach the base point from this station.

About the journey

The highest peak of Maharashtra situated at an altitude of 5400 feet, the Kalsubai trek is its own kind of experience. The summit offers the most breathtaking views of the stunning beauty of the Western ghats as well as numerous species of wildlife and flora throughout the hike. The breathtakingly stunning sunrise view from the summit peak and the view of lush valleys, and other native peaks will create a mark in your mind and be a lasting photograph to cherish for the rest of your life. The moderately challenging trek offers some of the best views along the trail, and clearly, the top is calling you like everything.

The ideal time to undertake this trek is during the peak of the monsoon. This is when all the waterfalls spring to life. The rains also nourish the valleys and create an array of vibrant green features. The dusk sky’s color will leave you stunned to see these stunning hues of the sunrise.

Important Items to Carry

  • Keep your I’d proof like aadhaar, Pan car, or Driving license.
  • An oversized bag ( large size)
  • Water bottle
  • A few basic medications and pain-killing sprays.
  • Raincoats ( particularly if you’re hiking during the monsoon)
  • Food items that are ready for eating or snacks.
  • A spare set of clothing to change ( in the event of need)
  • The best and most comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Not the last camera to capture the gorgeous colors of the sunrise and vivid valleys.
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  • The most fundamental rule is to not carry or wear any valuable ornaments such as gold jewelry, diamonds, or other similar items when you go on a trek.
  • Thirdly, any form of alcohol consumption or illicit items is banned.
  • Being punctual is the most efficient way to go on the trek without any hassle. The troop did not stop for one person until emergencies occurred and were informed prior.
  • Although trekking is all about relaxation and fun, however, if you’re taking any medications or suffer from chronic ailments it is recommended to speak with your doctor prior to making the trek. You should also take your medications with you.
  • Shoes are a major component of the trek. Make sure you have the most comfortable shoes for sports.
  • A good guide or leader is essential for safe walking while enjoying it to its highest degree.
  • Take all the essential things listed above and everything that you consider important to you.

Make sure you make your way to the highest point of Maharashtra and be awed by the most vibrant colors of the natural world. This is definitely an experience worth taking in. The sun and the mountains, the valleys, and the entire natural beauty will whisk you away from the bustle of city life, relax your soul and relax your mind.


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