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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Real?

Hair loss, hair follicle thinning, and baldness are issues that affect many people. Although treatments are now available, people still have questions about the viability of these procedures. Scalp micropigmentation is one of the non-surgical hair loss solutions known to be highly effective as it uses pigments to create a natural hair look. The procedure works best on men and women suffering from premature balding, alopecia, and scalp scars.

Wondering whether scalp micropigmentation looks real? Read on for further clarification.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Real?

Yes, SMP can deliver realistic looks. The pigment used creates the appearance of a freshly shaved head full of hair. The SMP results are similar to asking a barber for a skin fade. It all depends on the pigment type used and how deep it is implanted in the skin.

Dye/Pigment Used

The practitioner uses a dye derived from natural products like carbon and mixes it with distilled water. They then apply the pigments beneath the scalp’s epidermis using microneedles. This ensures the pigment matches the client’s natural hair color.

SMP procedures often involve administering six applications in one area to give the scalp a natural look with closely or fully packed follicles. The needles also don’t go deep in the skin’s epidermis like a tattoo gun, preventing damage to follicle cells and promoting hair growth.

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Many scalp pigmentation practitioners use only a black pigment mixed with distilled water to ensure it blends and looks like real skin tone and hair color.

Depth of Pigment Implantation

If the application is done on the skin surface, the pigment will not stick to the skin and may fade sooner. However, if the micropigmentation is further into the dermis, the results will have a blurred or a blow-out skin look. Once the skin heals, you’ll have a clear, precisely sized hairline. This creates a natural look with a perfect hairline to compliment the client’s head.

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The procedure may also offer shading to promote hair growth. This helps recover hair density loss among clients suffering from diffuse thinning. With higher success rates, SMP is one of the best solutions for handling burns, surgery marks, and birthmarks. It complements the general look of the hair and removes blemishes nearly unnoticeable to the human eye.

Scalp micropigmentation helps create the illusion of natural hair follicles on the scalp. The natural look is only possible with the right SMP artist with the appropriate expertise, training, and experience. An experienced practitioner will know where to apply the pigment and how best to do it for excellent results.

How to Ensure a Scalp Micropigmentation Looks Real

Apart from using an eye test, where the practitioner observes the scalp and ensures the micropigmentation looks real, there are several other ways to do so:

SMP Blending

The reality of scalp micropigmentation can be determined by blending or comparing the existing hair follicles. The technique works best if a client has hair on the sides or certain areas of the scalp.

An experienced SMP practitioner will strategically blend the pigment into the client’s existing hair to give a perfect yet similar appearance across the scalp. They can also use the existing hair follicles to provide a 3D effect with the pigment blended in.

SMP Color Matching

A qualified practitioner matches a client’s existing hair color to look like the SMP pigment and offers unnoticeable treatment results. They’ll do so by buzzing a client’s head down and keenly evaluating a color scale to fit your hair look.

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How Long Can Scalp Micropigmentation Results Last?

The procedure is a semi-permanent solution. The treatment effects last between 4-8 years with little care. However, the treated scalp area will fade after some time. The skin exfoliates itself naturally over time and gives rise to new hair follicles resulting in the potential growth of new hair.

For clients experiencing hair loss and baldness, there is limited hair growth. The previously implanted micropigmentation lightens or fades away as the skin exfoliates. The color can change depending on the pigment used by the SMP artist.

Clients typically have a scalp that looks similar to a buzz cut. The procedure uses dark pigments introduced in microdots to cover the scalp and improve the thinning hair follicle’s visible effects.

Get Realistic Scalp Micropigmentation Results from an Experienced Practitioner

The scalp micropigmentation process can bring back the client’s confidence. It creates the illusion of real hair follicles with natural hair appearance on the scalp and is extremely difficult for the naked eye to notice.

Clients can achieve excellent and lasting results by finding the right SMP artist. Before going for scalp micropigmentation, clients should research the authenticity and validity of SMP treatments offered in the past, including assessing their experience.


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