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Russia seizes two Ukrainian cities, extraordinary UN meeting

Russian forces have seized territory near two southeastern Ukrainian cities and a nuclear power plant. Reuters quoted the Interfax news agency on Monday as saying that Russia was facing “strong resistance” elsewhere.

On the other hand, a very unusual and an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly has been convened today. According to the United Nations, 102 civilians have been killed in Ukraine so far, including 102 children.

Similarly, the UN Human Rights Council on Monday voted in favor of a debate on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
On the other hand, talks near the Russian border have called for a “ceasefire and an immediate withdrawal of Russia.”

According to AFP, a statement issued by the Ukrainian presidential office on Monday stated that “a Ukrainian delegation has arrived in Belarus today for talks with Russian representatives on the Ukrainian border. The main points of these talks are immediate war and withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

Ahead of the UN General Assembly session, AFP reports that all 193 members will express their views on whether they support a resolution condemning “Russia’s unprovoked aggression” and the use of force. Removal requested.

Such special sessions are very rare and are called in exceptional circumstances. This is the 11th time in history that this emergency meeting has been called.

Diplomats say the summit will also be seen as a barometer of democracy in a world where dictatorial sentiments are on the rise, pointing to Myanmar, Soda, Mali, Burkina Faso, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Definitely on Russia’s side.

Today’s meeting will begin at 10 am, with Assembly President Abdullah Shahid and Secretary-General Innov Gutters addressing the gathering. It is also being speculated that many countries will discuss the issue, while voting on the resolution may not be completed until Tuesday.

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Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. can. AFP also reported that 29 out of 47 votes were cast in favor of the debate in Geneva on Monday at Kiev’s request. Five countries voted against it, including Russia and China, while 13 abstained.

Russia launched a major offensive in Ukraine on February 24. The Russian president had deployed troops around the country, including ships and navies.

The world’s largest shipwreck in Ukraine

On the fourth day of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia destroyed the world’s largest ship on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The plane was at the airport of Gostomal, about 20 km from the capital.

The name of the wrecked ship was Maria, which in Ukrainian means dream.
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koliba tweeted on Sunday that the Maria AN-225 was the world’s largest aircraft. The Russians can destroy it, but they cannot destroy our dream of a free, strong, and democratic Europe. We will prevail. ”

The Ukrainian agency estimates the ship will cost 3 billion to repair and could take more than five years to complete. The aircraft was built primarily by Russia’s aeronautical program and made its maiden flight in 1988.

The aircraft is used by the Ukrainian company Antono Airlines and is used for cargo purposes. The ship has been in high demand for the last few years since the Corona epidemic broke out.

‘Return to Russia’ protest against attack on Ukraine

On the other hand, there were demonstrations in many countries on Sunday against the Russian attack.

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Many countries around the world protested against Russia’s attack on Ukraine on Sunday. People dressed in Ukrainian flags took to the streets, chanting “No to World War III” and “Return to Russia.”

Protests from Berlin to Baghdad and from Washington to St. Petersburg also chanted slogans against Russian President Putin, according to the French news agency AFP.
Police in Berlin says 100,000 people protested in the city, 70,000 in Prague, and 15,000 in Amsterdam.

The administrators of protesters in Berlin claim that the number of protesters was five times higher than the number of police. Protesters also pelted stones at the Russian embassy.

Russia’s ambassador to the embassy was present at the time of the stoning, but the building was cordoned off by police. Protesters chanted slogans in favor of Ukraine and against Russia.

“It’s very important to show the world that Germany stands for democracy in Europe,” said Hans Georg, a 49-year-old protester.

Russian attack, Biden will consult with allies today

US President Joe Biden will call allies today. According to the White House, “the call will discuss the” situation “following the Russian invasion and the” cooperation and joint response. ”

The White House did not say who was involved in the telephone call. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a keynote meeting on Sunday, instructed the defense minister and army chief to keep nuclear forces on high alert. Russia is the world’s second-largest nuclear-weapon state.

The United States has called the Russian president’s move “completely unacceptable” and accused Vladimir Putin of seeking “further aggression” against Ukraine.


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